Mexican Auto Insurance

  • ALL POLICIES INCLUDE LEGAL LIABILITY  (in gringo speak, “get of of jail free” coverage)
  • ALL POLICIES are in English and Spanish
  • NO policies can cover Mexican rental cars


Top Tier Auto Coverage with AIG & CHUBB

Mexican Insurance… The American Way!

  • Policies adhere to American standards and formats
  • Wide selection of options
  • No exclusion for Mexican licensed drivers

GNP, ABA, Aguila

Auto, Motorcycle, ATV, UTV and Drivers License Only coverage for trips into Mexico…

  • Screen compares all 3 Insurers for best rate for YOUR vehicle
  • Short term policies include Travel MedEvac air ambulance coverage
  • (See TRAVEL for annual Travel MedEvac policies)
  • OFF ROAD VEHICLES ACCEPTED in system to $25,000 (CALL ME to insure higher values)
    * If no plate required in your home state, Write OFF ROAD in license plate field

Mexican Auto Insurance With Quálitas

  • Basic coverages
  • Lowest rates
  • FULL options include Driver Liability Extension to other foreign plated autos
  • DISCOUNT for Limited Territory: Baja and border states

Mexico Drivers License Policy

For US or Canadian Drivers licenses, covers YOU for liability driving any American or Canadian plated vehicle in Mexico

Does NOT cover Mexican plated vehicles, including rental cars.

Click the button below and when the Initial Quote Page opens, choose  your Dates Entering and Leaving Mexico, THEN VEHICLE INFORMATION – Click on Vehicle Type.

*The LAST option is DRIVERS LICENSE POLICY.  Then follow the prompts to quote, purchase, and print out your drivers license policy. 

Please read instructions above before clicking “Get a quote”.